Educate the Favela is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that operates in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, with current projects in Complexo do Alemão and Rocinha. Our philosophy is simple: Entrepreneurial Education that transforms lives and communities.


Impacting lives through entrepreneurial education.


Offer alternative life paths for adolescents and young people from poor communities through their skills and entrepreneurial education.


Provide inclusive entrepreneurial education.


Empathy, Equity, Ethics (3E)


> Novos Líderes: The Novos Lideres (or New Leaders) program is designed to empower our students lives into their own hands with practical life skills and entrepreneurial and business knowledge that helps students to think more broadly, and have the confidence to solve problems and to create new opportunities for themselves and their communities. > Festa do Trabalho: The main purpose of the Festa do Trabalho event is to inspire the community through a collective action (in a one day format) that improves some area and / or promotes activities related to art, sport and culture.


Brazil is a country of great opportunity. But as the world watches this developing nation prepare to host the 2016 Olympic Games, it is important to remember that Brazil has an average income less than half the OECD average and an unacceptable part of the population lives below the poverty line and without effective access to basic necessities. Rio de Janeiro is a city that has many contrasts and several favelas. Favela is the set of precariously built and unpopular housing units (sewerage, water supply, energy, health station, garbage collection, schools, public transportation, etc.). In this context they suggest several opportunities for development and tangible social impact. Complexo do Alemão is a collective group of favela communities situated in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. As one of the largest communities in Rio, Complexo has a long and somewhat jaded history of violence and poverty. Despite now being part of the government’s UPP program and the presence of many extraordinary individuals creating a more just and prosperous community, the lingering reputation means that, in general, the community receives less social aid than other favela communities. Rocinha is one of the top 10 largest slums in the world. Almost seventy thousands of people live in a thriving community where there are many opportunities and challenges at the same time. The result is that both uncertainty and a lack of vision is evident in the minds of the youth living in the community. By providing free, practical education opportunities and community assistance, Educate the Favela strives to open the minds and broaden the horizons of these teenagers, to foster the entrepreneurs and community leaders of tomorrow, as well as to nurture and grow the vibrant community spirit and support existing education programs.


When a community volunteering opportunity brought together our entrepreneurial founder, Yannick Struijk, and operational front-man, Lohran Santos, in early 2015, common passions were ignited. With a united goal of improving education and creating opportunities for Brasil’s underprivileged teenagers, the idea was born to create a business education program to bridge a critical gap in existing schools and empower these teens with the vision and skills to achieve their potential. After developing a project plan for the idea, Yannick was awarded seed funding from US social entrepreneurship group (resolutionproject.org) and commenced setup of the Educate the Favela NGO and development of the new business curriculum. Concurrently in 2015, Educate the Favela commenced volunteer activities in Complexo do Alemão, including Voluntário nas Escolas, brining volunteers to schools in need, and Lohran’s street art, alley-way painting project, including two Festa do Trabalho workshops. 2016 will see the start of the exciting new Novos Líderes business and entrepreneurial training programs, along with important new partnerships and growth of the existing projects to ensure sustainability and financial support of our free business education program.


Educate the Favela is a professional non-profit organisation registered with the chamber of commerce. All our donations and capital are free of taxes and hence we can make the largest possible impact. Our chamber of commerce number (KvK-nummer) is: 61695254